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Stash busting & Yarn Inspiration

I’ve been going through my yarn stash in the last few days, and I found some lovely yarns that work so well together! They make me think of autumn and berries, so I think an autumn-inspired garland would be a good way to go. I’ve been looking around for some patterns to help: 1. This bobble stitch… Continue reading Stash busting & Yarn Inspiration


WIP: Granny Square Pencil Cases

Here’s a WIP that’s been sitting around for a few months.  Originally, these pencil cases were meant to be Christmas presents, but unfortunately they weren’t finished on time.  I’ve started four in total: two just need to be lined and have zippers and ends sewn in; one that has all of the squares completed, but only half… Continue reading WIP: Granny Square Pencil Cases